Saturday, December 20, 2014


December 3rd email~

Its hot... Really hot...
This week it got up 95....
I miss snow, really, really bad.
But! It was an alright week!
Thursday not much happened. We had a good lesson with David about his baptism (NEXT MONTH!!!) and he told us that he still hasn't received an answer yet about him being ready or not, but we're working with him to help him figure that out.
Friday we taught Maca (Katana lady) and we had a really good discussion about Nephi and when his bow broke. His brothers whined and complained and Nephi stood strong. Then we taught Cata's mom (a member in the ward that speaks English almost perfectly) about Genealogía because she got a calling the last Sunday. I offered to help her out with any computer issues that she might have using the Family Search engine.
Saturday we had a TON of service... A lot of members decided to get a lot of projects done because of a nationwide television program called "Teleton". Everyone basically gets the day off so that way they can watch this program that is funded to help out kids in need. So we painted a house basically. That was fun. My companion painted himself instead of the walls
Sunday was pretty bad in the chapel... Because of Teleton no one came  our attendance dropped from about 60 - 70 to 40 in a week.
Monday we had a fantastic lesson with David about his baptism (again, but this time with a hitch) we taught with the baptismal questions that the bishop asks during the baptismal interview, and when he answered all of the questions... Goodness, that kid is prepared... He answered yes on everything and bore a really strong testimony. I really wish we could baptize this kid earlier.
Tuesday we spent the entire day in the center of Santiago... My comp got his results back from the doctors from the tests they did to figure out why he's in pain. Out of three tests, he tested negative on everything, which is a good/bad thing. Good because he doesn't have a parasite, bacteria, or a worm, but now we don't know why he's been suffering for the past couple of months. While we were out I bought a new scripture case to support my bible better because my bag is tearing the shiz out of that thing  I really can't afford to buy a new one.
TODAY WAS AWESOME. As a zone we went to a zoo! And watched a live water show (I completely forgot what it is called in English) with a penguin and sea lions!!! That was awesome. It really made me wonder how much time it takes to train one of those to do a show. Now I'm here, and its about 93 degrees outside.... I'm a living waterfall, I'll just say that.
Love you all!!!
Elder Faber

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