Saturday, December 20, 2014


December 17 email ~

Guess what? Im still in Condell! But Fernelius thinks for not much longer...

Omar's Baptism

Anyways, fun week. Even after the accident with my knee last week, I've been going about a little sick... I've been heavily medicated the past couple of days to work, but still happy! Aint no reason on earth to be depressed!
Thursday we had a really fun Family Home Evening with the Sevedra family. They are kind of half active half inactive, so we've been working to keep them on the "active" side. But we had a fun baptism lesson, because Elder Figueroa worked in Chemistry before the mission, so he gave us some chemicals so we can show what baptism does to us. It was pretty fun. then I made French toast for everyone! (yes, i did cook)
Friday, we spent most of the day in the Temple. Recently, the temple has been doing a christmas concert, so if we have an investigator or a menos activo we can go with them, so we brought the cousin of a member that's an investigator. It was an interesting concert... Kind of. However, I managed to find Elder Prada! that was an emotional encounter. I almost cried. Miss that kid.
Saturday we had a conference as a mission. We did service in the morning, met up in the chapel, and we watched Princess Bride as a mission! That was hilarious. Then the Pres gave us as Christmas presents book marks with real leaves from the Sacred Grove in New York! Im not going to forget that gift.
Sunday we went back to the temple with David. Met up with some of the Elders in my old zones. That was pretty cool too.
Monday we finished up all the lessons with David. He's progressed a lot, and now wants Elder Fernelius to baptise him.
Tuesday, I finally met some new people that my comp was teaching but we never managed to find. There's a really cool investigator that had a baptismal date that has a lot of war stories. Other than that, did a lot of contacting.
Today we went shopping! And that's about it. I couldn't play soccer because of my knee, so I read the book of mormon the entire time.
Love you guys lots!
Cya in 13!
Elder Faber
Joshua and his mission "dad" Elder Nichols - who leaves for home in a couple of weeks.

Joshua's looking forward to opening his
Christmas package. :)

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