Sunday, December 28, 2014

So, my comp got engaged.

So we got new agendas! (Finally) and I left my old one in the house... so let´s see how well I remember the week
First of all we have had plenty of service. We helped a guy named Rafa give gifts to over 600 kids at an activity that he organized, by himself, with his own money. And this activity was not cheap. He hired the police and the fire station to come over and give kids rides and let them wear official helmets and such like that! I was in charge of keeping the juice container refilled. Luckily it wasn´t that hot, and it rained during the middle of the activity as well... But we had a really good turn out, and a lot of happy kids.

Then we had another service project... We went to a school that specializes with kids with Down Syndrome, so they needed help getting everything set up, and keeping the peace with the toys and Santa lause. I helped set up the sound system (well, tried before the guy they hired came and took over. He was surprised that I was plugging everything in the right places) and then we helped pass out gifts for each one of the kids. It was a really cool activity. And we got a photo with Santa! 
I also learned how to make Pan de Pascua. that stuff... It´s gross unless if it is made perfectly (which I have seen someone do once in my entire mission). It´s Chilean (mejor dicho, South American) Christmas bread that is basically fruit cake. While we were making it, I met a return missionary who just got back from Brazil and completely forgot Spanish. Pure Portuguese. She could understand Spanish, but could not speak it if her life depended on it. Luckily Spanish and Portuguese are so close together I could understand(ish) and have a conversation.
David and Ignacio got their baptismal interviews, and they both passed with beautiful and amazing colors! They are both set and ready to go for the 4th of January, and Ignacio has asked me to baptise him! Those two were seriously prepared. The Lord does give people miracles, even in Condell.

We had a ward activity last night, the youth put together a dinner activity for the entire ward, and they put me in charge of making the ensalada (it would be salad in English, however the way they do it here is ENTIRELY different than how we do it in the states. Here salad is lettuce drowned in oil and lemons...). That was dumb, because I ended up cutting my finger pretty bad with this strange leaf maker blade thingy... That was fun.
Now to explain the subject line. My comp got a really large, really perfumed package from his girlfriend yesterday. we opened it up, and it was filled with chocolate and a small black box. We opened the small black box, and we found two rings with a note that said "Will you marry me?". He already had a promise ring that he gave her, but these rings were a completely different story. Pure titanium with a small diamond with an engraving that says "I love only you" and "I love you". Dude, that happened... All of us in the house basically died. I still make fun of him for it.
Love you guys a lot! Sorry I can´t remember what days all of this happened, but that´s about it!
Elder Faber

On Christmas Eve we were able to Skype with Joshua.  It was an amazing experience to have as a family.  My thanks to the member who let Joshua use her laptop!

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