Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Feliz Navidad and a Nuevo Año!

That title was lame. Ain't going to lie.
Painting a school
for a service project.
Anyways, this was a rather uneventful week lesson wise. Everyone had plans for the holidays, and all of the people we did try visiting had family or someone over so we really didn´t get in. At all.
So I talked with my Family on the 24th (fantastic!) and after that we visited the Cisterna´s family for a Christmas Eve dinner. We had really good roast beef with mashed potatoes. They wanted to make sure that we were well fed for the holidays, so they cooked us up something. Love that family!
Thursday, I had already opened my presents on the 23rd so I could say thanks to my family in person for the awesome star trek shirt and missionary supplies that they sent me, so there wasn´t anything under the Christmas tree  However... Christmas dinner... Holy fetch it was amazing! We got together with the Mancilla family (Maca for anyone that remembers) and had Pollo Relleno (Refilled Chicken, I have no idea what it could be in English, they basically filled Chicken with an assortment of meats and other goodies and baked it.) It was absolutely fantastic! Maca taught me how to do Helado Frito (Fried Ice cream)... That stuff is amazing...
The chapel´s sprinkler system broke
 coming home from the service project.
Saturday, forgot to put that in the letter)
Friday was kind of slow. Lot of walking around, a ton of time trying to find citas. We did get a chance to get into Cata´s house and talk to her dad, who is less active right now. I´ve been getting to know him rather well and I can definitely say that he is really cool. We got into a couple of really cool conversations about planes and engineering topics. I still wonder why he isn´t active... But we are working with him on that.
Saturday was slow again. We only got into one house, but it was mostly just looking for people to teach.
Sunday is our last Sunday where church starts at 11, and we are going to be switching over to the 9 o clock schedule next week... that´s going to be a lot of fun getting up even earlier...
Monday, my comp bought himself some really, really cool new year gifts. There is a store here that sells packs of Rubik Cubes, and my comp bought a pack of a 2x2, a 3x3, a 4x4, and a 5x5 rubiks cube... Dude, that was amazing! They are Shin sho (I think that´s what they were called) competition cubes, and a lot better than the original 3x3 by Rubik's. That was the highlight of that day, the rest of it we spent looking for people, again.
 My comp got into a paint fight while
painting another house. (T
Tuesday, fireworks! Only listening to them... We had to be inside when they started to fire those off... That was kind of sad, but the explosions sounded amazing!
Anyways, love you all! Cya in 12!
Elder Faber

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