Thursday, February 19, 2015

Emails from January 2015

January 15

Last week, we had a baptism, divs with our District leader, had lunch with a menos activo that has the entire bible memorized, went to church, I confirmed David into the church, destroyed a really cool pen that I bought last week during P-day, and learned how to convince a Testigo de Jehova that the Book of Mormon is true. In other words, nothing really happened last week. 

So this week, to start it all off, President came to our house! He had to talk to Elder Dawson about some medical problems that he has been having. And while he was there, he decided to do an inspection of the house... Brilliant idea! We failed, without mercy. Because it is the oldest house in the mission (about 40 or so years), it has a history of missionaries just destroying it, therefore it is probably the worst looking house on the planet. That was fun

This week we've started out our lessons really well, so far we are rocking about 10 lessons in 3 days! 

On Tuesday we got with David and showed him the hour version of the Joseph Smith movie, that turned out really well. He understood what the purpose of Joseph Smith better and why the church is true. 

Yesterday we didnt have pday, not really anyways. Because the house was old and a disaster, Pres took away our ability to do any activities. We went and bought things, then back to the house to clean.

Other than that, not much happened. 

January 21

So this week has been rather intersting... A lot of drama, but other than that a good week. 

Thursday we had a couple of lessons with David and Maca, both were great. Maca's mom has had some issues recently because of a surgery that she had. Her liver had a massive tumor on it and they took the entire thing right out. She recovered a lot quicker than everyone thought she would, so they let her go home about a week earlier than excepted, which was really nice for the family. 

Friday we went with Cata to get her endowment done! And better news yet, her mom went with her! (One of our recent reactivation). It was a really cool experience. However... EVEN BETTER NEWS TO COME! I SAW DAVID ALLEN IN THE MTC! Dude... I miss that kid. He's going to the Chile Santiago West mission (where all of the rich people live haha)

Saturday we worked our behinds off (well, my comp did). I went to the marriage of David Diaz in Nocedal while my comp stayed in the sector visiting people. I did divs with the other Elder in our sector, Elder Figueroa. It was a really cool wedding, got to see a lot of people that I knew, and arm wrestled Nicco a couple of times (yes jacob, I am practicing!)

Sunday, we had the highest assistance we have ever had since I've been here. That was pretty cool. We finally ended the week good with 20 lessons and 7 divisions.

Monday nothing much happened. We ended up doing a lot of contacting and finding people

Tuesday I gifted David a Triple with the Book of Mormon, D and C and Pearl of Great Price. I lost to David in an arm wrestle so I had to give him a freaking tie... That was great. (It was a tie from a Fardo so I really dont care about it)

Today we went to the Costanera in Provedencia. That was cool, we found a coupon for Burger King and took advantage on that. We bought so much food for so cheap... Loved it. 

I'll send photos next week, this computer has some virus issues and i dont want to risk it.

January 28

don't have time this week, but changes happened... I got a new comp, Elder Aguero from Peru! He's a very good kid, and we'll see how he turns out. So far he's pretty cool, I'll keep you updated. 

I'll get you guys updated next week, I literally have no time.

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