Monday, July 28, 2014

Time to Ponder

So my companion has a massive problem with his back, and when we had the activity with the ward, he over did it. In other words, he was suffering from severe back pain and couldn't get out of bed. So for the past week, we've been in the house because he can't move... We went in for his first therapy session today, we have to go to the clinic everyday now, and it's about 45 minutes from our house by bus. So super early every day in freezing weather. GREAT!
So that got me thinking... So the other elders and I got together and we started to make plans to reboot the missionary spirit in the ward. So first we are going to change everything. We're meeting with the bishop this week so we can actually get a ward mission plan together, and we are going to try to start visiting the members to get them go on divisions with us. We are dividing the families by companionship.

Today we went to a competo place called Corbatas (means tie in Spanish). I ate about a 50 cm hot dog. Flipping delicious. I want another.
So we heard rumors that I might be leaving this next change. But all of that got shot down when Prada broke his back (practically). So what might end up happening the next change is that I might be still in my sector for another 3 months while Prada gets moved to the office for therapy (because the clinic is right next to the office, it's painstakingly logical...)
So that just about sums my life right now! Reading a fantastic book about our Savior.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

2 Baptisms this week.

So, this week is a special week. Why? because this last week we got 2 baptisms and 2 reactivations with the families we´ve been working especially hard with. And we are expected to put two more fetchas (dates) by the end of this week! Prada and I are trying to hit the end of this change hard. We also have a family that´s getting married! Finally... Their kids are super excited to come to church every week, we´re still working with their parents to keep the word of wisdom and getting them to church, but hopefully, we can get the entire family baptised before the end of this change. Also, we have been working really hard with Omar, who´s living all of the commandments except baptism... I´m going to see if I can get a date put on him within 2 weeks. That is my goal. I want to leave a massive mark in this sector before I leave.

The activity we had was a super success. We have 2 full investigators show up and Daniela is just loving the members and church. We have an appointment with her today and hopefully we can place a baptismal date.

I baptised Joseph Davidson Barrientos Stevens. They thought the name was too complicated for me to do for some reason... Everything turned out good! I remembered the baptismal prayer perfectly and I got to help confirm both him and Yojan, his brother. Man, that day was super fantastic.

Thanks for all of the love and support! Glad I´m loved!

Other than that, I scored 2 goals today in our mini mundial! It was pretty epic, but we were eliminated our first round... And I was wearing my Alexis jersey... Meh, it was a pretty epic match anyways. I played for like 4 hours straight today! Whoa!

So my spanish is getting super ghetto. Seriously. I´m starting to yell Oye! and po and cosas asi. It´s getting really bad. But it´s getting better! I can barely even understand myself at some points. 

The mission took a hike up the mountain.
This is Joshua's favorite pic.

Me, elder denning and elder dufour, bowling!! I won hehe

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Chile and FIFA

This is a little late, but it's Sunday and I figured it was appropriate to share parts of Joshua's letter last Monday today! I should probably do some editing, but then it wouldn't be authentically Joshua!
Chile was eliminated... The streets were quiet for about 2 days after the match. I think there were riots somewhere, but everyone was depressed. Rather saddening, but I heard Chile put up a fantastic fight. Alexis Sanchez of course scored their only goal, the guy is basically their national symbol! But he does play soccer pretty well!
So apparently I can´t speak english anymore. People keep asking me to speak english and random spanish words keep finding their way into EVERY SINGLE ONE OF MY SENTANCES. Luckily, my fingers are spanish free (ish). I can still type!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

One Year Anniversary Video

I just received a link to a video that was made to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of the Chile Santiago South Mission.  To see the video, click on this link...

I did receive an email on Monday from Joshua, but I haven't had the chance to sit down and cut and past it together into a  post.  I will do that soon.



( I found out how to embed it into this post, so I'm going to leave the link up there for the source. Here it is!)