Wednesday, July 1, 2015

June 2015

June 3 -The Week of Selfies and 6 more weeks in Condell!

Well, as I mentioned this week, there has been a lot of selfies taken. Why?
My comp is doing a root canal on his last molars.
What does that mean?
A lot of time in the house doing absolutely nothing besides studying.
Last Thursday we went to the dentist so my comp could get his molars drilled into to get the nerves out. He got the nerves out, but my comps mouth was so swollen the he couldnt speak, and he was in such
pain that it hurt every time his heart beat. So that explains what we did Friday and Saturday because he couldnt leave the house.
In that time period, I read from 1 Nephi 13 to almost Alma, read two issues of the Liahona, and started to re read and re listen to General Conference. I finished the Saturday Morning Session and understood the importance of getting married when I get home haha
Sunday was interesting. Martin (our fellow Schizophrenic) got up and started wandering the isles when we were passing the sacrament. I had to get up and calm him down so that way we could keep the peace. Then we went home so my comp could rest again.
Monday we went to the dentist! Again. That cita he got the nerves that were causing him pain out, however the doctor got to the office about 3 hours late because of a strike that happened in Santiago (the school teachers here are going nuts because the new president promised them higher wages, however stabbed everyone in the back when she ruled not to do it anymore). So we waited... And waited...
Tuesday I visited Liliana and Martin with Elder Peterson (aka Elder Cooper in the ward). We taught about the Priesthood and why its necessary to run the church. That was interesting!
Today, we did SHOPPING! I found a really, really good jacket on sale, and bought a Copa America soccer ball from Nike grin emoticon oh, cant wait! President is going to change the rules so we can watch the Chile gameswith Investigators and less actives grin emoticon
Love you guys a ton! Here's some selfies!
Elder Faber

Joshua with Elder Cabrera

June 10 -  Tired, Hungry, and Very, Very cold

Thursday we had a visit from Elder Gonzalez, the Seventy over our area. He did a tour of our mission, and he talked very direct about some topics that Chile has a very hard time completing with. For
example, the Sabath Day. Oh, he had some words to say about that. Now it is expected of us to go and preach to all of the members super directly saying that if you're buying and doing the stuff they
normally do on the Sabath they are losing all of the blessing of the Sacrament. Straight out like that.
Friday we taught Liliana again. That was fun, ish... The witnesses have some really interesting doctrine about the final judgement, and we had to explain a lot of things, very clearly... Then we had once
with Elias Cifuentes! He's working his butt off into getting himself compeletly reactivated before he becomes the Ward Advisor grin emoticon It was really cool talking with him and accidentally on purpose watching the last 5 minutes of the Chile Salvador match grin emoticon
Saturday we had a Noche de Hogar with Javier and his family. We taught them lesson 3, the gospel of Jesus Christ. That was really cool, and they promised to come to church! (and they did :D)
Sunday, the other two elders in our sector had nothing to do. They had been contacting all day and so our district leader decided to let us do divisions so we can visit more people in our sector in less time grin emoticon We got 5 lessons that day with Jose Cisterna (fixing computer), David (reading the book of mormon), Manuel Cifuentes, Flores Family (about enduring to the end, that guy has a lot of things confused in his head) and with Auturo Cifuentes (Family home evening)
Monday we went to the dentist. My comp had to get his teeth tapped over after a root canal. To finish the day we taught David.
Tuesday I taught Constanza with Elder Villalobos because my comp had to go back to the dentist, so we did divs so we could go to all of our citas. Then we taught Liliana about the Final Judgement (again)
because she had a lot of questions. After that we talked with Jose Cisterna.
Today, we played a TON of soccer... My body is dying... I can't really move anymore... We played on a professional sized feild, designed for 22 players.
I forgot my camera, but love you guys! Have a great week!
Elder Faber

June 17

This week has been interesting to say the least. Every time that Chile plays we still have to stay in the house tongue emoticon However, rumor has it that President might lift a little bit of the restriction this week grin emoticon
Thursday we visited Martin. He's been getting rather interesting, but I can understand it because he has a mental disorder. To help him out so he can keep up with the reading of the Book of Mormon, we've been reading with him without his mom. He's really liking it! Then Chile played against Ecuador and won 2 to 0! Good start for Chile!
Friday we visited Paula. It was a rather interesting cita, mainly because during the week President decided to completely divide the sectors, and she happened to fall on the other Elder's side. We made
one final attempt to get her a baptismal date so we could keep visiting her, but when the time came to put the date, the Spirit told  both of us no... Not yet, this is not the time. It felt really terrible, but really good. AT least we both know that there's a chance that she will progress with Elder Peterson and Elder Villalobos
Saturday we had Stake Conference. That was a long, long meeting... First Priesthood and then Adults. We had a pretty long service project in the morning laying tile, so when we got to the meeting we were dead tired tongue emoticon
Sunday we had the final session of Stake Conference, and then we visited las Cisternas and David. We had to say goodbye to him that day... He lives on the other side of the sector as well, so now we
can't visit him.
Monday we did some Book of Mormon reading with Liliana, and that went rather well grin emoticon
Tuesday we visited Ignacio! We finally found him! He's visiting for the week, but he moved to the coast without telling ANYONE... It rather sucked, but we got his information and we sent it to the office
grin emoticon My comp suffered that day as well, Uruguay played against Argentina and lost, 0-1... He almost punched me when he saw me putting on my  Messi jersey in the morning grin emoticon
today, SOCCER!!!   grin emoticon
 A lot of people have been telling me that I might be the best defense that they've seen in the mission. I trip up all of the professional players pretty easily grin emoticon
Anyways, love you all! I hope that you can see all of the  blessing that our Heavenly Father has given you!
Elder Faber

 Making pancakes with with Elder Peterson and Elder Villalobos and the finished meal.

June 24

So this week... To be completely honest things have been relatively complicated. So instead of going into details Im just going to go into who we taught this week and how they are doing smile emoticon
Jose Cisterna. Hes doing really good, besides his continual efforts against his health issues. This week, his doctor at the hospital told him that after doing a scan of his heart, he doesn't know how the s***
his heart is still working. His arteries are completely clogged, so in other words, he could drop dead at any moment. We have been giving him encouragement, and several health blessings.
Sunday we did a massive meeting with the Stake Mission Leader. That was really cool. Hes recognized the problem of people getting lazy in the stake and he wants to change all of that. We all got muffins grin emoticon
Maca has been doing good after she got reactivated. Shes magnifying her calling! WAHOOO! Pretty soon shell be going to the temple to get her endowment back grin emoticon Super excited for her.
Other than that, its been a relatively interesting week... For reasons in which i cant really explain, we've been doing a ton of divisions with the Zone Leaders, so I haven't been in Condell for a while. But
were working on getting the problem fixed.
Anyways, love you guys! I feel your prayers! Cya soon!
Elder Faber
Heres a photo that we took in honor of the Chile Uruguay game today