Saturday, December 20, 2014

Fun Week!

December 10 email ~

Santiago Temple

So, this week was super busy, and super crazy. Let me explain
Thursday we went to the temple. That was super fun, they had too many priesthood holders to do ordinations and baptisms that Elder Cascante and I were permitted to do a session! That was really cool, I went in and got some answers to questions that I had. The temple is a really, really fun place to get revelation, relaxation, and lots of answers.
Friday made me change my opinion about everything about what a mother is. To keep their identities secret for right now, we had a cita with a couple of less actives, and about half way through the lesson the mother broke down and started to cry. It surprised us at first, then we found out why. Her kids (except for a couple of beautiful exceptions) only go to her for money. They rarely ever let her see her grand kids, and they have just been abusing her emotionally for a really long time. We shared some scriptures about the atonement, but it really changed my perspective about how I want to treat my parents as they get older. Parents spend more than half their lives raising kids, developing bonds, and love them with all their hearts. Even when we make mistakes they will love us more than we can imagine. I think it would be a good idea to return the favor. Here´s a special shout out to my parents! Love you guys a lot!
Saturday we did a thing called a ¨cosechón¨ where other missionaries from your zone swarm your sector and do contacts. They did that to our sector this week, and I got paired with my Zone Leader Elder Kimbal. It was really fun, we did a lot of contacts with El es la Dadiva (he is the gift). We got a couple of good references and we´ve got a couple of citas set.
Sunday was fun. We have a menos activo Hno Flores that basically has the Bible and the Book of Mormon memorized. We have no idea why he is inactive, but he gives fantastic lessons. We talked about the Priesthood, and why it was necessary that Jesus was baptized, and how Jesus got the Priesthood from God even though he was from the Lineage of Juda and wasn´t supposed to get it. He also taught me an interesting quote that I liked, it goes ¨No tenga miedo a dudar, porque la duda es la puerta para exploración¨ (Don´t be afraid to doubt, because doubt is the door to exploration)
Monday we started out the week really good. We had David, who told us that he received a super cool answer to his prayer about baptism. He told us that when he prayed in the morning to know if he needed to be baptized, he was completely filled with the Spirit. He said that it was one of the most happiest, awesome experiences in his life. Love that kid. He´s set for his date on the 5 of Jan. We also had lunch with the Bradfords (from Mapleton) and that was a lot of fun, because my comp and Elder Figueroa at the same time screamed at them that I was super good with computers. So what ended up happening is that we got a ride over to the office so I could fix some printers... That was fun.
Tuesday we helped out our other fetcha Ignacio, because he had some doubts about going to church. He doesn´t want to get baptized, move, and get lazy and not go to church because David isn´t there. Good reasons, because we did explain to him what happens after baptism and the importance of going to church. We managed to help him with his doubts, and he learned all ten commandments in less than 10 minutes (that was super cool).
Today... Well, our pday is super short today because of a conference that we will have on Saturday. To say the least, we played soccer. A lot of it. It was super fun until I screwed up my knee. Don´t worry (Mom! Cough cough) because I can still move it.
Other than that, still healthy, haven´t been shot, and still going strong!
Love you guys!
Elder Faber

Joshua and Elder Fernelius at a Chinese Restaurant.

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