Wednesday, November 26, 2014

So,,,, Not Much Happened.

“El servicio hace que miremos a lo que tenemos a nuestro alrededor, y no hacia nuestro interior. El servicionos impulsa a considerar las necesidades de otras personas antes que las nuestras. El servicio justo es laexpresión de la verdadera caridad tal como el Señor lo mostró.”

This week... Well to say the least, much stuff really didn't happen.

I lead the sector on Thursday, and most of our lessons fell through, so we did a lot of contacting. However our appointment with David was really good and we taught him about Thomas S Monson, so he can get an idea on who he is and why the prophet is super important in our days. 

Friday, we were supposed to have a conference with Elder Evans again to talk about the "Pilot Plan" that only 4 missions were doing in South America (Santiago West and South, and two more in Argentina), but it was cancelled when the First Presidency said that the Pilot plan that we were a part of is now going to be applied to every mission in South America, and are going to try to expand it to other countries. Yeah, not much happened there either. 

Saturday, well, no one was answering their doors, and all of our citas fell, so we went to a member's house that is preparing to go to the temple, and to share with her mother (who we just got a calling for this week!) who was inactive at the time. They served us Cinnamon Rolls (almost died of happiness) and then I had another episode of vertigo... That was fun, we couldn't leave for at least an hour until I could get my senses back. Then the phone call to the mission nurse was fun too, she yelled at me for about 15 minutes asking why I didn't call her after the second incident.

Sunday, David went to church! However the rest of the people we were teaching and most of the ward weren't there... I'm afraid if we baptize him he'll be more active than the entire ward... Then during the night, my comp started to have severe stomach pains that kept him up all night. 

Monday we visited the menos activa that threatened me with the Katana. Her name is Macarena (like the song) and we had a good discussion with her about what she's reading in the book of Mormon. AND SHE PROMISED TO COME TO CHURCH SUNDAY!!! Finals ended and she thinks she'll be able to make it this week. 

Tuesday was a nightmare. The pains that Fernelius was feeling finally killed all of his animo. We did intersector divs and my comp and Figueroa went to the hospital until about 4 in the morning... We all woke up tired today.

Wednesday, well, they were having a sell at a store here on all soccer gear, so we decided to try it out. I tried buying some decent field cleats for the large field next to our house, however the guy tried ripping me off by raising the price by 30 bucks... :P Instead of doing that, I went and bought some decent soccer socks for cheap (without getting ripped off)

That's my week! Love you all! 

Elder Faber

Joshua and Elder Cascante

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