Sunday, November 23, 2014

New Sector, New Way to Eat Lunch

Joshua and Elder Figueroa painting a cart that will be used
to hand out toys to kids in need.

So this week was interesting (as always)
Thursday, I can't really explain a lot what happened in my sector, but I did divisions in the sector right next to me. I had a really scarry contact that thought that he was Jehova and that he threw back missionaries with his faith by raising his arm... I can't really remember what happened, but I do remember running my legs off.
Friday... hehe, we had a really fun cita with one of our investigators named Liliana. There's a word here in Chile called "palo". The first time I heard someone use that word, they described it as "Jeffery R Holland punishment". Why did I mention that? Because that's basically what we did. She said that she had a revelation that God told her that she didn't need to be baptised and that nothing is going to happen after this life. I'll just say that we read a good amount out of 2 Nephi 31 and the New Testament. However, it worked! She showed up and it seemed like she was still happy with us! We managed to get back to her house on monday and she still let us in.
Saturday was a good day. We didnt get any lessons because of the amount of servicio that we had, but I went back to Nocedal for the baptism of Valentina! That was a good baptism. Apparently the ward had put a massive emphasis on this baptism, but when we got there, guess what? No one from the ward showed up... HOWEVER. The Henriquez family went all out and invited their entire family! We had over 60 people show up, and only 5 were members. That was a good day, I passed out at least 10 the Resturacion pamphlets... Good day.

Sunday... Lunch... That was a fun, scary lunch... What happened? Well the member gave us a ton of food, and I realized that I wasn't going to be able to eat all of it. So I politely told her that I couldn't finish it. That was a mistake... She got super mad, went into the house (we were eating outside because she didn't have a man in the house) and came back 30 seconds later with a freaking Katana! She sat in front of me, watched me eat until I ate every single bite...
Monday. David and Ignacio. Those two guys are perfect (se que ustedes han unido con este grupo, entonces no voy a hablar mal jaja, no se precupe, trato a decir solo buenas cosas) we taught them a really cool lesson, and they said that they are still working on trying to get answers. David already has a testimony that the church is true, and Ignacio is working on it. We got him caught up with the missionary discussions so we can teach him and David at the same time. Now that we have the support of their parents and also from the President (ya!) we can baptize them a month early! HAHA
Tuesday, well Elder Fernelius accidentally cooked something really bad (it was a really weird pancake that looked like a stake of all things...) so we basically had to stay inside while he recovered. So we went to the chapel so we can get some secretary work and rescate work done. Then I had a thought. We have a computer there that is "broken" (so says the chilean tech support) so I decided to fix it. And that is exactly what I did. Yep! I am awesome.
Today was great! We put together teams and did a little "Fifa" as sectors. We got together as a house and wore our Colo Colo jerseys! To give you an idea, that's chile's ghetto team. It was a good game, even though we lost.

That's about it! Love you all!
Elder Faber

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