Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Apostles and Trains

So... This week was super interesting. Especially today, hence the subject line.
So we have a super fantastic Investigator named David that we have been teaching. This guy is FANTASTIC, BEYOND MENTION. We found out recently that the lessons that we teach him, he goes and teaches his best friend, and when we invited David to church, he brought Ignacio (the friend) TO FREAKING CHURCH! HOW COOL IS THAT!? We managed to teach Ignacio before Mutual last night and we placed a baptismal date with him for the 4 of January!!!
Speaking of investigators, Valentina from my last sector will be baptised by her dad this Saturday!!! I'm super stoked. I really hope it all turns out well. Photos to come!
Also speaking of awesome things.... I SHOOK ELDER NELSONS HAND. I SHOOK HIS HAND! And he said my name wrong... Every single General Authority I have met (Elder Nelson and Elder Rasband) have said my name wrong. I told my comp about it and he told me "Even Abram had his name changed to Abraham". So, I guess I'm going with "Fa-bear" for the rest of my life now. It has been decided. he talked about some really cool things, such as the gathering of the 12 tribes of Israel, how the Americas are the lands of inheritance for the seed of Joseph, and the origin of the word from Hebrew which means "I exist". I thought that was super cool.
So about the sector, it is really tiny, but there is a lot of potential. I still don't know ti completely, but I'm getting there.
TRAINS!!! PDAY TODAY WAS AMAZING. So first we went to a museum about the world, the origin, the different types of climates and animals in Chile, and a whole bunch of other different things. One word to describe it is "BACON!!!" Took a lot of photos there, but the best part is the FREAKING OUTDOOR TRAIN MUSEUM THAT WE FOUND!!!
Joshua's District with a Sea Whale Skeleton

It was filled of just awesome... awesome machines.... I almost had a heart attack. I counted all of the photos that I took, and it was about 100, but I'm not going to send all of those to you guys today, sorry. Ill just send the best 
Love you all! Thanks for the support!
Elder Faber
Joshua and a stuffed penguin.

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