Wednesday, June 4, 2014

2nd companion

Elder Prada and Joshua
I'm trying to figure out what to do with this statement, should I feel grateful or guilty?

Well, I'm glad you guys are doing fine without me, and that not too many things have died while I've been gone!

Here is more from his emails this week.

It is cold

Really cold

It drops almost 40 degrees at night (F, not C)

Yeah, Im dying now. Ish.

Anyways! Happy things! Fifa is coming up really soon! And no one will want to answer their doors! Or be on the street. The president is thinking about giving us a couple of free days, but Im not sure what is going to go on after it starts. Im thinking about buying a coloring book in case if we have to stay indoors. Not entirely sure!

This week... Wow, Elder Prada is something different. Prada, were doing contacts every day, and he's having me work hard core on getting the lessons pounded into my brain. And contacting. And Spanish in general. My vocab has probably doubled in the past 2 weeks just because of him. Hes a fantastic missionary! He teaches with love, which is something that both Nichols and I lacked. I feel like this is going to be a really fun, painful transfer. 

So all of my tech died. I think its probably a sign... Not entirely sure though. Ah, who needs that type of stuff anyways, Im a missionary!

Now the spanish... Still a foreign language, still cant express myself, but Im trying out a new study plan that should work. Maybe. The words I learn just dont seem to stick very well. Hopefully this will help me out.

Ojala, todos de las personas que est├ín leiendo este mensaje saben que estoy pensando de ustedes! 

Thanks for the support!

Elder Faber

Elder Prada, Elder Taborga, Joshua

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