Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Temple Trip

Joshua, Elder Prada, Elder Norman, Elder Romero, Elder Taborga, Elder  Chanler
Como estai po! (Mom's note... I ran that through Google Translate, I have no idea what he is trying to say.)

That was really, really bad spanish. But thats how they speak here. Super weird.

Anwyays, TEMPLE TODAY!!!! Super exciting! Except the entire thing was in spanish and I could barely understand... But it was still a good experience anyways. Pictures to come in a minute

This week, while we were in the subway, a guy got on and started rapping about the mormons. It was pretty cool. Couldnt understand worth anything though, it was very fast spanish. I think he was just rapping about random people on the train and he saw 2 greengos and 4 latinos with plaques and started rapping. Super weird.

Rain... Holy flip there is a lot of it. The temperature has dropped to about freezing every night, however it doesnt freeze over because polutants from the atomosphere mix in with the water so it doesnt freeze until it drops below 0 celcius. Interesting, but weird. Also imagine this, a city without a drainage system. The streets literally turn into rivers.
The Rain

And because of that, our church attendance dropped from about 55 to 18 in a week. Super bad, and now none of our investigators want to come to church because its on the very northern side of our sector. About a 20 walk. Yeah, really bad.

Elder Prada, and Joshua

Fun fact, the advertisement for the S5 in chile is that it is ¨messi powered¨. Thought that was funny

Anyways, love you all! Thanks for the support!

Elder Faber

Chile MTC
Joshua & Elder Prada

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