Thursday, June 26, 2014

FIFA and the missionary

Email from 6/16/14 Today we did a Zone vs Zone soccer match. I didn´t score because I was playing defense. But they didn´t score because I was playing defense (Imagine a smiley because I cant do it on this keyboard). We dominated 6 to 0. it was almost like spain vs holland! (Spain got creamed, I´m just pointing that out)Oh! And we have permission to watch FIFA, and only on P days. And we can watch replays online, onl.y on Pdays. Other than that, if you want to watch a game on another day, just type in google the two teams that are playing and it will give you instant statistics. Super amazing how that technology works.

Email from 6/24/14  ~ So... Yesterday was terrible... As I have mentioned before, we are not allowed to leave the house when Chile plays. We can do what we need to before the game, but after we have to stay indoors. And because Chile played yesterday (and was dominated by Holand, sorry chile) none of the shops were open so I couldn´t email. Or eat...
So Fifa... Wow, people here really like their football. After Chile lost against Holand, the streets were completely silent. No one left thier houses. I think I heard our neighbors crying after the game. Strangly pathetic, but admirable, because the people here are super patriotic. They love their country.

Umm, WE HAVE SOME FANTASTIC INVESTIGATORS!!! I WANT TO BAPTISE THEM SO FREAKING BAD. Already they have promised to obey the word of wisdom, they have prayed and recieved an answer, AND THEY CAME TO CHURCH BEFORE WE GOT THERE. Ah my gosh... I freaking love life right now. Isabel and Daniela como se llama.
AND THE SPANISH IS COMING! WHEW! I can´t even understand what is coming out of my mouth anymore. However, my spelling is getting REALLY BAD. I can´t even write correctly in my journal anymore

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