Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Email from May 5, 2014

I now have several new nick names. No one here can pronounce my name, so the white guys call me "Fabes" and the members in my ward have started to call me "Firby". There's only a few now that call me "Elder Fa-bear".
Not too many stories to tell, mostly just walking around. A lot of it. We can't have bikes or they will get stolen, we can't have cars or they will get vandilized, destroyed, and then stolen (in that order), and there is no public transportation in my sector except for the bus that stops next to our church, which is at the very, very, very northern edge of our sector.
Also throwing things is SUPER offensive here. If you toss a latino the keys or something, it's considered as "I freaking hate you, take the keys dangit"
Not eating all of your food is super offensive too
yeah, basically everything I did back in the states is considered offensive here.
Spanish! Yeah, that's not improving much. I'm still missing a lot of important words. I've managed to get more study material, except my brain seems to be shutting off and not allowing for any other additional information input. It sucks, really, really, bad. I have to be reminded constantly for words that I've supposively learned. Urg... This is hard
Anyways, I love the love and support! PLEASE PRAY FOR THE GIFT OF TONGUES FOR ME! Please...

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