Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Emails from March 31, 2014

First and foremost.  Joshua is in Santiago,  he was not anywhere near the Tsunami that occurred in Chile yesterday.  His Mission President, David Cook, sent out an email stating that everyone and everything was fine in the Santiago South Mission.

He found out that he is allergic to shrimp and avocado's.  He's not too happy about that, because he loves both and there are amazing hot dogs that have guacamole and tomatoes  on them.  It is currently avocado season in Chile and his throat swelled up while he was trying to share a spiritual thought at some member's home.

He had a baptism on the 29th. "The baptism went great! Unfortunately... I didn't have my camera because I was in charge of everything else while Elder Nichols did the baptism. But Juan was very happy, and he's thinking about going on a mission! He needs to wait a while so he can get the priesthood and all of the other things, but I'm super excited for him!"

"There's a guy who keeps trying to lock us out of an apartment complex because he hates us going in there. We have an entire building that we are basically teaching in there, but he locks the door before we get there, and after we leave. Luckily we have a member that lets us in. Interesting huh?"

"So, Spanish is still a foreign language, but I'm making do with what I have. I'm not perfect, and there are some grammar principles that I just cannot identify while they are talking, but I'm definitely learning more. I've found that Alma 26 is a big help! It's about how Ammon carried himself under stress while he was preaching to the Lamanites.

Other than that, I'm surviving, disappointed that i can't eat avacados or shrimp ever again, but I haven't been eaten by dogs or thrown into a furnace."

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