Monday, April 7, 2014

Time for an update!

It was good. Love Uchtdorf, as always!
So this week has been interesting... Today was my first cambio (change), but I still have Elder Nichols as a companion. For the past several weeks, I've been living with a companionship threeo, mainly because 2 out of the 3 of them were pulled out of venezuela because the government is basically collapsing and it's not safe anymore. And it's also impossible to get a Visa there now. Oh well. Alcaraz left for home today, and seeing as Castro had family in his sector and he was serving less than an hour away from his house, he requested a transfer. He went to Conceptcion Sur (also butchered that name. I'm forgetting how to spell things now...). We have a new guy in our house named Elder Norman (no relation to the Norman's), and he gifted me a TNG Star Trek tie!!!  I've only known him for a few hours and he figured I'd like it. He is now my best friend here!

 Nichols and I have been doing work around the ward, such as inviting people to Conference and to the Desert Night we had.  

And about that desert night... Yeah, I didn't make peach cobbler. What came out was this strange mess that looked like the stuff that comes off of car batteries. And it was gross, except for the peaches... So I made cookies instead! Except the oven is not that great and wound up destroying the bottoms of the cookies... Oh well, tasted better than battery corrosion. 

Other than that! I've been doing great! Very tan, probably have skin cancer by now, but I look freaking awesome!

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