Saturday, March 1, 2014

Time to leave the MTC and enter the field.

Joshua left the CCM (MTC) this week and is in his first area.  His first companion is Elder Nichols from Fallbrook, California.

Here is the picture that was sent with a letter from his mission president, President Cook.  He looks fantastic!

The letter stated that the new missionaries were transported from the CCM to the mission home.  There they had an orientation, lunch, met their trainers, and left for their assignments.

Joshua was able to get me a quick email where he said that he has been mistaken for a Latino, because he tans so well (He gets that from his dad).  He has been teased for his lack of Spanish speaking skills by investigators, and that he is getting used to the area.  He loves that his companion has computer skills and that they had been getting along well.

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