Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Field Training

Joshua and Elder Nichols

At this point, Joshua states that he is struggling with Spanish.  He said that he finds comfort in laughing at himself and trying to listen to the Frozen soundtrack in his head.  He said that he people speak Spanish at a rate of a thousand miles an hour. He said the the homes are very small, but most people have a big screen TV in their home with a great sound system.  I think he threw that in there to hint at our lack of a big screen or sound system.

His companion is Elder Nichols from Fallbrook, California.

This is what Joshua wrote about his living accommodations.

So, I live in a decent house. We have a washing machine built by Samsung (I didn't know that they made those!), I share a room with my companion that's the same size as my room back home. I study scriptures for an hour, an hour of companionship study, and then 2 hours of language study. Except that really hasn't happened because we've been super busy helping out members with service projects. 

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