Thursday, March 13, 2014

First Baptism Challenge Accepted!

No pictures this week to accompany the post.  Joshua's camera is out of batteries.

Here is his update this week.

I'm doing alright, I'm holding in there. I'm forcing myself to be happy, no matter how bad the situation looks. I'm still struggling with Spanish, and I do get made fun of a lot by the ward and investigators, but everyone here seems willing to help me learn a new language. I asked Elder Hare what high school level my spanish is at, and he said that I'm at about a 3rd year level. Which is still not very high language wise, but think about it! I've gotten same amount done in 3 months than a person does in 3 years! It's really funny how the Lord works sometimes. I also invited a person to baptism the other day! And he said yes! We are baptising Juan on the 29th! However, his baptism is going to be super sketchy though, seeing as the guy lives in the East mission, but his member girlfriend lives in our sector. So after pulling a few strings we were able to get permission to baptise him here, seeing as his parents do not want him involved in the church. He's over 18, so he can make his own decisions, but I'm kind of worried that his parents are going to kick him out after he gets baptised... 

You also might be wondering about my schedule. Well! I'm probably in the luckiest mission. ... Mostt of them don't start their day until about noon! So, here we go:

7:30 - Arise! and Exercise (I've lost 10 pounds in 8 weeks, so excited :D)
8:00 - Cereal (That's the only thing they eat for breakfast here. Very small breakfast, HUGE lunch, and no dinner. They usually just eat a desert at around 9 at night though, so I guess that counts)
9:00 - Personal Study
10:00 - Companionship Study
11:00 - Language study
12:30 - Almuerzo at a member's house (Massive lunch, the members love feeding the missionaries. It's a custom here that you eat all of your food, and then ask for seconds. If you don't ask for seconds, that means you hated the meal and the person made it is a terrible cook. Also, if you drink all of your liquids, and don't take more, its also offensive... They always want you to have a full glass for some reason. But I guess its forcing me to drink more water so I don't mind)
3:00 - Start walking
4:00 - Get to our first appointment. We usually walk about 9 to 12 miles per day going from appointment to appointment, or bringing back the lost sheep. Our mission priority is to help bring back inactive members and to update the address of the members in the area. Apparently people are terrible at letting the church know if they are moving.
10:00 - Head home
10:30 - Start getting ready for tomorrow and bed
11:30 - 12ish - Go to sleep. 

So I'm practically on the same sleeping schedule that I had before I left! haha!

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