Thursday, December 10, 2015

October 2015

October 7

Title for this week's email "I'm Going to Kill Romney" (Which means he's his last companion)
Not literally. There were changes, and Im still with Romney! Which means I will be his last companion... Wow. Which means that hes my second to last companion and then Ill finish 6 weeks after that.
What am I going to do... I have no idea.
Anyways, this week has been really good1. Since last week several things have happened:
GENERAL CONFERENCE!!! grin emoticon That was great... I never thought I would be so excited for Conference! I love conference! Expecially President Hollands talk about moms... Mom, I love you grin emoticon And there was a really good talk about marriage that I really liked too haha grin emoticon Dangit Im trunky...
We had a really cool Family Home Evening with the family Muñoz Fuensalida Monday. That was really fun... We invited Guillermo and his wife, a recent convert named Carina, and the family invited some less actives, so in the end we had about 20 or so people show up to a family home evening grin emoticon
This week was changes, and so I went to the office to fix things again... This is great tongue emoticon I love the office.
Yesterday we had a lesson with Guillermo, and getting the divorcement stuff has been SLOW... But hes doing good, really excited to get baptized grin emoticon
Thats about it! Just working my butt off for the next 2 and a half months!
Love you guys!
Elder Faber

October 21

Alright, due to times sake, Im going to summarize the last two weeks because I didnt get a chance to write last week.
Week 1: It was a rather rough week. We found a new investigator, named Nielson. Hes really cool, and super prepared. He was a reference from a member in the ward, and he have a baptismal date set up for him on the 27! I think we might have to move it back a week for an operation that he had, so he cant get wet at all. We also went to the temple with Patricia Meneses, and that was really cool. We passed by the Chile National Stadium on the way there, DURING THE US GAME!!! USA!!! But we lost... Right now the FIFA U17 is going on right now in chile, and the US looks like it might go to the finals.
Week 2: I did divs with Elder Baker, in my district. That guy is really cool, and we have a ton in common. I was super excited to work with him! We put another baptismal date on Fabrizio for the 17th of January (I wont be here :P) but hopefully we can move it back to before I leave just in case if he starts progressing at a good pace. We also found a couple of new people, and Im super excited to work with them. We had a really cool Family Home Evening with Patricia and Javier, and WE MADE WAFFLES. They were really good! And we had a good time shairing Elder Hollands talk about mothers with Javier. We really felt the spirit.
Anyways, sorry I cant get into too many specifics, but I just want to let you all know that I love you guys! Cya soon!
Elder Faber

October 22

A member from Chile posted a few picture of Joshua saying "The Best Elder"
Francisco Ramos Stuardo

October 28

Anyways, I dont have a ton of time this week, but just a heads up, WE HAVE A BAPTISM THIS UPCOMING SUNDAY!!! grin emoticon
Nelson is an amazing investigator that has been progressing sooo fast... I am so proud of him! He really seems like a member in disguise because he just says all of the right things... Alright, you cant drink coffee anymore. Great! I hated the stuff anyways. Alright, you have to get married before you can be baptized. Great! We already live seperated... So can I get baptized next week?
Can things just be too good to be true?
As for highlights for the week I can only think of doing Divisions with Elder Lewis. I, once again, stayed in the sector... But we found Karmen again! And found out that she might have short term memory loss... We taught her the Plan of Salvation, and she kept forgetting that we told her that she could see her mom again... We were teaching her the same principle for a half an hour and we just eventually gave up. We also ran into the Moreno family, and we had a nice talk with Anita and her dad, Carlos who is our ex mission leader.
Oh, and someone tried to break into our house through our roof. That was fun. I will send pictures sometime soon... I have no idea when.
That just about sums everything up! Love you all! And see yall soon!
Elder Faber

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