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September 2015

September 2  
Super Cold to Insanely Hot

Joshua grocery shopping with Elder Romney

Hello everyone! Today I dont have a ton of time to write, so therefore I will do a quick summary.
It jumped from about 40 degrees to about 90 in a week... I started last Thursday to wearing a coat to now trying to get all of my hair cut off so I wont be dying from heat stroke.
So to summarize this last week we did a lot of walking... A lot. Our lesson count dropped significantly... But we are on track on doing well this week, so hopefully everything wil turn out good!
We also had our Capilla Abierta sunday, and there was a lot of success! We got about 20 or so references out of it, and I did baptism explanations with Elder Lewis, from my MTC group! that was cool!
Joshua and Nico
Monday we did a ton of divs with Nico, a kid from our ward. He is super cool. Love him to death grin emoticon We taught Claudia Huenchuman about the importance of going to the chapel, and she agreed to come with us this sunday! Hopefully she comes grin emoticon Then we got with Barros Munoz, a family that we havent seen in FOREVER. We talked to them about showing thanks and being a happier family. Im really hoping that will give them animo to go to the chapel, they need it.
Tuesday we taught Guillermo about service, using Mosiah 2:17. he promised us that after he gets baptised, he will be willing to accept a church calling grin emoticon Im super happy about that smile emoticon
Anyways, sorry for being so short! But love you all and I hope you have a good week!
Elder Faber

Letter from the mission on September 8th.

Dear Brother and Sister Faber,

It has been a tremendous privilege for us to serve with Elder Faber in the Chile Santiago South Mission.  In anticipation of Elder Faber returning home on December 29, 2015, we are in the process of scheduling his travel arrangements.

September 9
So, the Weather is Bipolar

This week... I think my body is going nuts. Last week it was a blazing 30 degrees C, and now its a nice 9C... I am so cold... Its almost as bipolar as Utah now!
Anyways, this has been a fun week. Its been rather interesting being a District Leader. Im actually really starting to like it. You get a lot of one on one with your district and you get to learn from a lot of diferent people with different personalities. Everyone in there is a hard worker, and I think the entire district can still handle itself if Romney and I werent there haha.
I forgot to mention that last PDay we had a massive inter zone activity with La Cisterna North. We played Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, and bought a ton of Pizza from Papa Johns... Oh it was amazing...
Thursday we managed to teach Guillermo. It has been a long time since weve been able to get a hold of him... But we set up the temple trip again, but once again, it fell through tongue emoticon We also in the morning went to do a service with the office at a park that wanted to take out all of the grass and move some rocks. That was fun, I got insanely tan grin emoticon
Friday we went to teach Juan Osorio Sr. However, he left before we could share, so we ended up reading with his wife in the Book of Mormon. It was a good expierence! We felt the spirit as we tried to apply the chapter to her life (if Im not mistaken, it was Mosiah 18)
Saturday we did a Cosechón (a harvest) of our sector for a Meet the Mormons movie night we did at the chapel. However, even with all of our combined efforts with our district, only active members went to the activity... But its still a good movie!! grin emoticon
Sunday we taught Javier. We taught him about repentance, and how to do the process to feel completely clean before God.
Monday was interesting. Elder Lopez, Elder Lewis´s comp, got sick so he had to stay outside. So, I ended up going and working out in the sector with Elder Lewis. We did split divisions with Javier and Nico, so we were able to split up. I taught a new guy named Sergio, who de echo is really cool! He was super excited to learn about the gospel, but just had some doubts about Joseph Smith.
Tuesday we did a lot of walking... No one wanted to hear from us, and we literally walked for hours. At the end of the day, we were able to get a hold of Patricia and read from Mosiah in the book of mormon. That was cool!
Today, we played basketball again grin emoticon That was fun, and now im dead tired again... I seriously need to get fit tongue emoticon
Love you guys! See yall soon!
December 29th, 2015 (T minus 112 days and counting)
Elder Faber

September 16
Hacia las Alturas (To the Heights!)

So this week has been AMAZING. Why? Well, Ill explain.
So we started this week with guess what? 11th of September... We went in Thursday at 5, and we didnt come back out until the 12th after lunch... BUT! What we did was pretty fun :D
We did 7 things in 1 day. We started the day off with an Urugayan Asado (barbaque) We bought an entire cow thigh... Oh it was one of the most amazing things I had ever tasted... Then we played Mini Soccer in our front gate. We both wore american jerseys, and Lewis and Lopez wore theirs from Germany. So the US play Germany, and lost 10 to 7 :P I guess no matter how you play it, Germany will always win :P
Then we had an Uno competition. I ended up losing... Which meant that I washed the dishes :P
Then we played Phase 10. I didnt realize how long that game is. I cant remember who won that one, but I think I lost that one as well :P
By the end of the day, I decided to make Popcorn. We called up every sushi place that we had numbers for, but all of them were closed :P So, popcorn! But the problem is that I didnt know that our microwave sucks... And what ended up happening is that I melted the bowl making carmel popcorn...
So that was the 11th.
Other than that, we did a split div with two kids in our ward, Nico and Fransisco. I went with Fransisco to Sergio. And I PUT A BAPTISMAL DATE!!! WE HAVE A FETCHA!!! He was so awesome! he had some doubts about Joseph Smith, but luckily the spirit ended up teaching the whole lesson. I felt so good coming out of that house! :D
Anyways, that just about sums up the week. Today we went to Sky Costanera. The Costanera Center is the tallest building in South America. And luckily, we got permission to go as a district! I got some sweet photos :D The highest floor is number 62. And wow... It was cool..
Love you guys! Cya in 104 days!
Elder Faber

(Later that day there was an earthquake in Chile.  We received an email from his mission within an hour of the earthquake letting us know that all missionaries were safe and accounted for.)

September 23

So, yes. An earthquake did happen. Did I feel it? Yes! AND IT WAS AMAZING. It was an 8.3 on the rictors scale, and it did cause some damage in some areas. Luckily for us, we arent in the epicenter, so where we were at we only felt a 6.4 (ish)
Im not going to go over specifics, just because we had a lot of fun adventures this week that I want to talk about!
The 18th of September is Chiles Independence day. We had a mariscado (shell fish bbq). I COULDNT EAT ANY OF IT.... I want to find the cure to allergies tongue emoticon Anyways, events that happened that day were a massive ping pong tournament, my companion ate a live clam (that was gross), I went Paparatizi (i dont know how thats spelled) with everyones cameras because I couldnt touch the food, I destroyed 2 kites, and everyone gave us empenadas... Ill send a photo, but we ended up going home with like 20 of them in a day...
Other than that, I did divs with Elder Alfaro monday (hes really cool) and we met some rather interesting people... The internet is a really weird place to find information about the Mormons tongue emoticon
But! This week we taught Guillermo about how to find more faith in Christ, and weve been looking for more new people to teach. As for our baptism date, Sergio, he didnt have time yesterday, but his mom did! We taught her for a bit, and she loved the message! Hopefully we can put a date on her too grin emoticon
Anyways, love you all! Cya soon!
Elder Faber

September 30
Week of Wonders
I think I'm running out of titles for my emails...
So this week has been slow, but really good. On Thursday we didn't enter into any house, and people on the street didst want to listen to us either... We did a lot of wandering.

Friday we taught Javier about the atonement. We are really working that kid over on going on a mission. The only problem is that when he told his grandmother that he wanted to go she totally shot him down... But hopefully with the support of his mother hell have desires to go. We then taught a guy named Jonathon, who his only daughter just died last week. It was a very, very sad lesson... You could tell he was struggling from crying the entire time. We taught him a little bit about the Plan of Salvation, and that seemed to help him out a ton. WE FOUND FABRIZIO! Finally... we have another cita set up with him this week, but holy cow he knows how to hide. No phone, and never at home, and we have to put a new baptismal date because it fell last week tongue emoticon
Saturday we did a cosechon in Brisas, but in the hermanas sector. the have a really hard sector... The streets that they gave us to contact on were full of heavy Catholics and atheists... We met a girl that was actually about to get confirmed in the catholic church. That was fun! But not much really happened that day.
Sunday we got a hold of Juan Osorio Sr. He didn't go to church this week because he was sick, but he's only gone 2 times since his baptism... We are really concerned if somethings happening. We also went to the dispedida meeting... That was... Sad. Elder Shultz and Elder Hale, the first 2 elders that I lived with in the mission are both going home this next Tuesday. Crazy huh? So many are leaving...
Monday was long... A lot of contacting, and no lessons.
Tuesday I did divs with Elder Lopez, our Zone Leader. That guy is amazing! Hes also from Uruguay, but cooler grin emoticon To explain a little bit, we decided that our nick names would be Lapiz Lopez. Why? Its a name of a store here in Chile, and my name Faber is a brand of a pen called Faber-Castell. So, Lapiz (Pen for Faber Castell) Lopez! Haha, it was a cool thought grin emoticon We found a super prepared girl... So many questions, and so prepared to learn... Her name is Katalina, and hopefully good things come from here!
Today, we went recuerdo shopping grin emoticon I bought a cool copper plate to hang up at home and a magnet...
Anyways, love you all! Thanks for the support!
Elder Faber

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