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November 2015

November 4 ~ El Fin se Acerca Way too Quickly

Thursday, was long... a lot of walking. We ended up teaching Juan at the end of the day by teaching him a thought found in Helaman 15: 7-8 which I like a lot about strenghthening our faith! Hes doing good, he just hasnt come to church since hes been baptized. His daughter is having birth issues... But shes expecting twins!!! grin emoticon
Friday, we taught our investigator of GOLD!!!! he is so amazing... That guy has such a strong testimony... Since the time he first heard the gospel to now he has learned so much, and has had a massive change of heart. He started to call himself a Mormon about 2 weeks before he was even baptized!!! We finished all of the commandments, and then he was interviewed by Elder Lewis, and PASSED!!! grin emoticon I hadnt felt that happy for a long time.
Saturday was also a long day... And night. We did a massive contacting session in El Parron for a couple of hours, and I did divs with Elder Lopez. However, Elder Romney and Lewis managed to get into a house while contacting and so Lopez and I had to go back to the sector. For safety reasons, we entered the house at 9 instead of 10... BUT! Our neighbors had a massive Halloween party and kept us up until about 6 in the morning...
Sunday we went to Guillermos birthday party! We at a lot of food... But, hes going to be getting divorsed hopefully pretty soon here, so well find out soon! AND NELSON GOT BAPTIZED!!!! A member from the ward did the baptism, but holy cow it was an amazing experience. After the baptism he bore his testimony on how he knew that the church is true and that even though he still has doubts, he knows that he can find the answers. Super amazing.
That just about sums up the week! The end of my mission is coming very, very soon... And that of Romneys as well... Im going nuts. Im not trunky (necessarily), but Im still working hard and enduring to the end!
Love you guys! Thanks for everything!
Elder Faber

November 14
Rebekah, Caleb, Former Elder Nilsson,
Former Elder Romney and Jacob
Elder Romney stopped by to say hello tonight. He got home from his mission yesterday. I am so grateful Joshua has had good people in his life for the past two years.  He brought us a 7 page letter.  It was nice for the family to meet him and have a first hand account of what Joshua has been up to lately.

November 18th ~  The One Change to Rule Them All

So! Obiviously I had changes. I was in a trio with Elder Lewis (from my group) and Elder Lopez (the coolest person I know) for about a week when Romney left. Id say that it was the most funny companionship Ive had so far.
To revise the several days spent with Elder Lopez and Lewis, Id have to say that it was complicated... I can see why there are 2 companionships in the sector instead of 1. We were all over the place. However, together, us three managed to find a fantastic old couple named Franny and Eriberto. They let us in super quickly, and we taught the Restauration, and really felt the Spirit. We have a cita with them coming up here pretty soon, so Im super excited
I got my new comp! hes Elder Noriega! Sounds mexican right? But hes from Utah, West Valley! He doesnt know my grandparents, but its still pretty cool that Im going to have a comp to visit after the mission. Hes got 6 months on the mission, and hes super excited to work.
Over the past couple of weeks, ive been beginning to realize just how little time I have left, and its beginning to bother me a lot. I dont know if I have put in everything I could have, or if God is ok with what I have done, but all I know is that Im coming home a different person.
Love you all! Cya soon!
Elder Faber

We received an email from his mission today!  Joshua's travel itinerary came this morning! He will be arriving on December 29th. Will post more information as we make plans for family and friends.

November 25

Joshua will be speaking in his homeward about his mission. It is a ways away, just wanted friends to put it on their calendars in advance. smile emoticon He will be speaking on January 10th at 9:00 AM.

Joshua's email:
Alright, I will let you guys know that Im ok, and that Noriega and I have been working really hard on finding news
Next week, Ill let you know about a really funny story that happened!
Love you guys!
elder faber

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