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April 2015

April 15

So this week has been kind of down for me. Next week on Tuesday there's changes. And because I have 6 months in Condell, there is a slight inevitable chance that Pres might move me out of the sector... Dang, I love Condell.
Alright, so Thursday we taught Paula our testigo friend, and that went really well. We taught the first part of the plan of Salvacion! She liked it. Luckily, she's taking the lessons with an open mind. The Witnesses doctrine and ours are very, very different in that matter. Then we taught David, our recent convert. He's getting rather hyper and out of control lately... Then we taught Honorio, a very, very old menos activo that knows a ton about the church, however he keeps talking and never gives us the chance to talk when we try to invite him to come back to church or any type of commitment... He's going to be hard.

Friday we went to the temple as a stake!!! That was really fun. We didn't go in to do temple work, but we brough Liliana and Martin to the gardens and had a really cool lesson about temples. When Liliana walked in you could tell her face completely changed. When she walked out she said "with a feeling like that after just walking to the reception desk, I wonder how it feels like to be completely inside?". Really good testimony builder right there! You can't deny feelings like that! I love temples!!
Saturday we had a lesson with the bible tank Hno Manuel. That was interesting. He always tries to let us know about doctrine that contradicts itself and things like that in our church. I'm still trying to figure out why he's inactive, there's definitely a more serious reason than just that
Sunday we literally had nothing.
Monday was slow as well. No lessons, no service, no nuttin'...
Tuesday we had several lessons set up, but every single one of them failed.
Anyways, that's about it!
Love you guys a ton! Cya in 9!
Elder Faber

April 22

Se fue! Se fue! Dangit.....
So, according to my last email I thought I was going to leave.

I'm still here in little good ol' condell! And still loving it! However... Aguero left... I will miss him, we had a lot of adventures together.
Now I'm with Elder Pineyro from Uruguay! he was a Zone leader in La Cisterna. In one day... Dang, we did work. I thought I did work with Aguero, but this guy literally is a contacting machine. Non stop... All of our appointments fell through, but non stop... I feel like Condell is going to grow a lot in the next 3 months together.
OK! So the last week with Aguero was full of walking and food. The Mancilla family got together and made fried fish with fried ice cream (don't ask me how that works, it just does). All in all, it was a very saddening departure, mainly because he was only here for 3 months and really didn't know anyone... But now he's my Zone Leader! Right next door. I get to see him every week now!
Now changes... I got Pineyro in the morning Tuesday, and right off the bat he started to get to work. I felt like I was being dragged around in my own sector. I haven't been able to break the ice with him yet, but I'm going to do my best to be friends with him.
The rest of the day, we had 3 citas set up, but all failed except for Birmania. She's doing a lot better, her foot healed over, and now she can at least walk, but not for very long periods of time. She's doing really good, almost half way through Doctrine and Covenants.
Other than that, we played soccer for most of the day today, and now emailing.
Love you guys! Keep up the good work!
Elder Faber

April 29

So, as I probably had mentioned last week, my new comp is rather amazing. Elder Pineyro. He played professionally for a team in Uruguay, and still rocks at the sport. I amazing managed to block a couple of his shots today... That was interesting. But one things is for sure, the kid could power a nuclear reactor... I thought I worked hard with Elder Aguero, but holy fetch my feet are about to fall off. He's probably one of the best missionaries I've ever known...
Anyways, Thursday. We taught Paula, and tried our best to put a baptismal date. She denied it... She's been taking the discussions from the Jehova's Witnesses for 2 years now, and she feels like she needs more time to help her feel like her search is more "complete". Rosa came with us, so when she denied the date Rosa went and shared a very powerful testimony. Almost left her in tears. Let's see what happens tomorrow... And, we found a family! The Cerda family, filled with menos activos and one investigator. We did a Family Home Evening, and they absolutely loved it! WAHOOO!
Friday we taught Liliana the Book of Mormon. My comp and her had a little heated discussion mid lesson, but then he found out the hard way why she was confusing everything so much. She too had been taking the Jehova's Witnesses discussions, but for 4 years instead of 2 like Paula. It's so weird how you can read the same Bible, translate it completely differently, and get two completely distinct doctrines. Now I wonder why we believe in the Apostacy? My comp and Elder Villalobos went and taught another family we found, but I didnt' get to be there because guess what! Peterson and I had to go fix the office again...
Saturday, I wasn't with my comp again. President Cook had a project for Peterson and I to do, so I left Pineyro and Villalobos in the sector. They found some people! I just need to meet them still...
Sunday we had the Capilla Abierta!!! That was fantastic! We opened up the chapel doors and did tours until my knees died. We got several references, so once the office gives them back to us, we're going to go contacting!!
Monday every cita fell through except 1! Familia Cerda! We did another Noche de Hogar, and everyone opened up. They said that they're going to be committed to going to church this week, they're starting to remember good memories that they had.
Yesterday, did taught Liliana. This time, my comp was prepared. It was still very difficult, because with her we are going over each part individually and slowly, so she can understand. This time we taught the Spirit World... Interesting because the Testigos don't believe in Spirits! Completely new concept for her, and I had to interpret some very, very interesting verses from the Old Testament... The New World Translation is very, very, very interesting. There's a reason why it doesn't say Bible on the front of it, because they changed the whole flipping thing! Urg, they get on my nerves a lot.
Today, we went to get visa stuff done at like 6 in the morning! All day... I'm exhausted.
Love you guys! Thanks for everything!
Elder Faber

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