Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The First Two Weeks of April.

April 1

So, this week has been very short and very busy. Instead of going over each day individually, I'm just going to go over the entire week. 

So this last week was the Dia de Joven Combatiente, where every child in chile gets together and riots the police. Great national holiday, right? so what happened is that the day before, we had to get into the house at 5, stay in the house until Sunday, go to church, and then immediately return to the house until Monday. WE GOT BORED. It was terrible when Prada hurt is back, but to repeat it again... Urg... 

We survived, and now we're working hard again. We're working with a new program called He Lives, and the video for it once again, is amazing. You can watch it here at

Anyways, love you guys a ton! Cya soon!

Elder Faber

April 8

So, this week was really good. Listening to the prophet and the apostles really does put a nice skip into your step, a good spark for the week!
Basically this week has been full of 3 things: 1, if you can imagine the movie Frozen, Chile is turning from a nice summer paradise filled with UV radiation to really, really cold nights. So not entirely like Frozen, but close enough. 2, if you can imagine the movie the Lord of the Rings, especially with all of the scenes with Frodo and Sam, it's like that. Tons of walking with some adventures here and there. And 3, someone trying to break into the chapel! We got here in the morning and there was broken glass everywhere. One thing that I have learned is that 1, the church is a genius because for every chapel, each important door has a different type of key. The front gate is a regular key, the door key is a specialized German key that costs a ton to replicate, and the key to the family history center is a double sized depth based location key that is proven impossible to copy unless if you have a 3D scanner and a 3D printer. In other words, resistance is futile
So, Thursday, we had a lesson with David. He's really animated to get on the mission already (been a member since January, and already wants to go on the mission... Man, I love that kid) and so we've been helping him go over the lessons. So like a mini mission prep class, but enough so that if someone in his class asks him about being Mormon he has enough skills to defend himself. We also had an appointment with the Cisternas family... They're starting to stop progressing... I really hope that we don't have to drop them...
Friday we had a good Book of Mormon study with our Witness friend Liliana. She really, really loved it. She's progressing a TON (and went to 2 sessions of conference!!! :D). We also shared with Albertina, but she's having a ton of legal problems with her daughter still...
Saturday CONFERENCE!!! After the first session we went contacting, and ran into David's dad. We shared the "Gracias a que el vive" (because he lives) and he loved it. Promised us to go to conference, but never did...
Sunday, MORE CONFERENCE!!! :D After the two sessions we talked to the Bible Tank (that's what I'm beginning to call him now) Hno Flores. It was his birthday!!! That was cool, didn't mention how old he was, but I'd imagine that he's now in his mid to late fifities now. I seriously need to reactivate him... Then we talked with a menos activa family, and had a mini Family Home Evening. That was pretty cool, and we've got an official one set up next week.
Monday we taught Conni the Plan of Salvation again, mainly because some points really didn't stick. She seemed to understand it. We also invited her to Mutual again, we're going to have to drag the Young Women's president over again to get her motivated to go. Then we contacted a new that we found! Hermana Leal, a less active that really has some potential.
Tuesday we talked with Liliana in detail the Creation and the Fall. That was really interesting. Apparently the Testigos de Jehova almost have the same doctrine as us, but almost. Actually, not a lot, but she understood. We invited her to go on the temple trip that the stake has set up this week on Friday. Let's see how that goes
Today WE PLAYED SOCCER!!! AND I'M VERY BROWN NOW. Almost Chilean!!! haha
Love you guys! Hope you have a great week!
Elder Faber

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