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March 2015

March 4

So I don't have my camera, nor my agenda... There was a couple of things that happened and my comp left my bag at the house and now I´m in a ciber with no time left... 

Basically to summarize the week, we´ve been trying to revolucionize our contacts by using videos instead of just going up to the door and talking. I´ve heard that this type of contact has been successful in the past, so we´re going to try it. 

We got two new investigators this week! We´re working really hard with both. We have the hope that we can set up two baptism dates by the end of next week! That´s going to be super exciting... I really can´t wait to see what happens. 

Other than that, one of our menos activas, Sandra Chomorro that we found last week has been progressing a ton. She has a ton of enthusiasm to come back, and we´re hoping that she´ll be fully active again within 2 or so weeks. 

Enjoying life, enjoying the mission! 

Fun thought about the scriptures, the parable found in Mathew about the King that forgave the debt of the servant? According to James E Talmage in Jesus the Christ, that debt was about the equivalent of 9 million+ dollars! (I can´t really remember the stat exactly, as mentioned earlier, I don´t have my notes to verify that number, but it definitely had 6 or more zeros behind it). Makes us realize how merciful our Heavenly Father is, and all we have to do is take advantage of his forgiveness to strengthen ourselves, and to be humble enough to forgive others as well. 

Love you all! See ya in 10! 

Elder Faber

March 11

Well, I got a new agenda! And forgot the old one... 

So, about last week, Elder Peterson has been giving me small computer classes during P Days about basic computer repair. I now know how to fix hard drives, erase viruses, and restore system files. It´s actually helped out a lot, there´s a lot more people here than I thought that need help with the virus part... 

 A picture of our district before Soulier was transferred out to be a Zone Leader in another Zone.
 Starting with the front row from left to right is Elder Jackson, Elder Soulier, Elder Figueroa.
 Back row, Elder Peterson, Elder Furby, and Elder Aguero

We´ve been finding a lot of news recently. Don't know why, but a lot of people have been a lot more open with us, mainly because I think they have pity on us because we´re out all day in 34 C´s... That's almost 95 degrees, with no humidity. However, our two newest ¨news¨ that have the most potential is Connie, a 14 year old that is interested that has problems with a brain tumor, and Ignacio, a 15 year old that went to the Open Chapel program that they´ve been doing in South America. They will both have baptism dates by the end of this week! :D

Changes happened. The zone basically changed entirely. Our zone had about 4 elders that went home. I went to see Bickle off (That sir was a very good sir)

Other than that, Maca has been showing a lot of progress, and hopefully will be fully reactivated in 3 months! WHEW!!!

A peach cobbler I made for a Family Home Evening that we did with the Parra family

Love you guys a ton! Cya soon!

Elder Faber

March 18

There is no time this week sorry...
But, we've been working super hard. Maca has been taking the sacrament! Oh... that really made me get warm fuzzies inside... I don't know how to describe what I felt, but that's the best way I can do it.
We've been finding a ton of people. We found a Colombian family that is super interested. Paula and John. They're fantastic, and they invited us to have lunch with them tomorrow! POTENTIAL FAMILY!!!! 
Pi day and Saint Patrick's! I got pinched... i completely forgot about it... 
Liliana is still progressing, however though she keeps scrambling the Jehovah's Witnesses Doctrine with ours... We had our second lesson on who Jehovah is, and I gave her a ton of Old Testament and New Testament scriptures that show that Jesus in the Old Testament was Jehovah. That was really fun. Just in case, she's a less active that's been working hard on coming back to church. Fantastic lady. 
David has been going really strong, we did divs with him the entire day yesterday. He really, really wanted to go contacting. It was fun watching him sharing the gospel with others. He's so ready to be a missionary in 2 years! 
We're teaching a family from Haeti! That's interesting. We had our first lesson with them. We got Books of Mormon in Creole , French, and Spanish. We practically taught a lesson in 3 languages.
Love you guys a lot! Cya soon!
Elder Faber

March 25

So, this week we've been doing a TON of contacting... And here's what happened:
Thursday, we taught Paula. She was really interested, and really likes to read books. When we gave her the book of Mormon she was really happy about it. However, there was a hitch... There's always a hitch. She's been receiving the Jehovah's Witnesses for about 2 years, and the lady that's been teaching her has become one of her best friends... Let's see how that goes. Oh! And we met her Witness teacher, she's pretty nice, however though she probably hates us. 
Friday we taught Liliana about the Book of Mormon again. She came this last Sunday, and has been progressing a lot. She's been reading about Lehi's vision and really loved it, especially when we got to the interpretation farther on in the book. We also taught Conni the rest of the Plan of Salvation, and this week, si o si we are going to put a baptismal date with her, and hopefully share with her family. 
Saturday I had another baptism in Nocedal! David Diaz Jr got baptised! That was pretty cool, he gave me a massive hug when he saw me (photos to come)
Sunday we taught Albertina, a lady that's had a ton of legal trouble over the legal rights of her granddaughter. Her daughter practically left her disabled daughter in her hands and has been using the benefit money in ways that she shouldn't. She's trying to get responsibilities over her, but it's been difficult with all of the legal traps her daughter has set up. But we taught a lesson about forgiveness and hopefully that helped... More info to come 
Monday we did contacts and found a lady named Cristina! She's really interested, she had talked to missionaries before and really liked what she heard. Let's see how that turns out!
Tuesday we did divs... Elder Peterson and I were in the mission office from about 9 in the morning until 6 in the afternoon. Elder Figueroa and Elder Aguero visited both companionship people while we were fixing computers!!! Yay! no, it really, really sucked. The mission office was completely full of viruses and issues... However, President made me and Peterson the official administrators of the office now. And guess what? The people now have to call and ask us if they can install anything. We now both have administrative users on EVERY COMPUTER IN THE OFFICE. 
I also found out how to hack windows, just be on the look out when I get home muhahahahaha
Anyways, love you guys!!! Keep staying awesome!!
Elder Faber 

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