Monday, June 1, 2015

May 2015

Sopapillas, a typical Chilean snack. It's a type of wheat that's fried, and it's really good
 with Mustard and aji (spices)

May 6

So, things are getting better with Pineyro. A lot better. I'm starting to get more energy again, it got a little down just because he was in "let's get 'er done!" mode for about a week, and practically dragged me around everywhere. I guess being old in the sector makes me a bit slower tongue emoticon
The other day, I put my planner on my desk, wrote a few things down, went to bed. Next day, woke up, went to get my planner to plan lessons for the day, NOT THERE. It literally ran away from me... I'm suffering, I can't remember anything...
Anyways! Thursday I went to the office... Again. The printer broke and refused to print anything. Turns out the jets just needed to be cleaned tongue emoticonWe had a cita with David, he wanted to know how to do contacting, so we did several... Examples haha. It was really cool, we tried to teach him how to teach the BoM in less than five minutes.
Friday... Can't really remember. I remember going to the office again to fix Elder Wall's computer.
I'll probably just talk about the people then, that might help.
We managed to find Ignacio that lives by Antonio (not by Condell that I baptized). We taught him a quick lesson 2 because of the amount of time that we had, but it was good.
Conni, we talk a really cool lesson that Pineyro taught me about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. When I chat with my mom, I'll have to show it to you guys. She remembered the 5 steps really, really well. Smart kid.
Pedro y Nora, they are a fantastic family. Very Evangelico, but very, very receptive. They told us a story when they took in a poor couple into their house for a week while they looked for a job, AND DIDN'T CHARGE THEM A CENT. They are a really, really good family. Super prepared!
Ernesto and his family... Oh, they are amazing. We did another Noche de Hogar with them and shared "Because of Him". That was amazing... The spirit was very strong, and we shared our testimonies about Jesus and his Atonement. They promised to come to church with us Sunday! grin emoticon
Besides fixing the office a lot and lots of walking, it's been a really good week. I'm very excited to share the results soon!
Love you guys! Cya soon!

me and Pineyro

May 20
And... I forgot Last week

Ok, I FOUND MY AGENDA!!! So I didn't lose an entire week of my life! HAHA!
So, Thursday was pretty cool. We did Zone divisions, an interesting idea that Elder Aguero came up with. So every Elder in the zone got teamed up with another Elder that didn't pertain to his proper district, and we did divs. i stayed in Condell, and I got with an Elder named Selucio from Brazil! That was cool, I tried learning Portuguese, but failed desperately tongue emoticon We taught Paula the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and finally got her committed to going to church!!! Hopefully she comes
Friday we got with Liliana, and taught about the Millennium. The Jehovah Witnesses almost have the same idea as us about what is going to happen when Christ comes again, but we did have to clean up some stuff... With her, you have to go through every principle exactly and pound it into her head until it makes sense... But it worked! Then we talked with Maca, who is still going strong with her goals to go to the temple! That'll be a good day... grin emoticon
Saturday WE GOT TRUNKY! We went to a marriage in my comps last ward. Enough said. They're getting baptized this Saturday!
Sunday there was a lot of contacting. No lessons, but a lot of contacting.
Monday I went with Elder Villalobos to his side of Condell, while my comp and Elder Peterson did work on my side of the sector. It was a good day, got a lot of work done. They've already contacted their half completely, twice. So we started doing something called Phone Contacting, so we called up every person we didn't know on their phone and tried to set up an appointment. That was interesting
Tuesday we read went over the Judgement. A lot of stuff we needed to fix there as well. Then we taught conni the Restoration. That was cool, she remembered a lot! She commit ed to pray and to come to church grin emoticon
Today... Played a ton of soccer, and we ate some really, really good chicken. Then we went to the dentist for my comp, and now I'm writing!
Love all you guys! I know that this church is true!
Elder Faber

A gorgeous picture of me standing next to a Jaguar... Oh, it's a beautiful car...
We went to a restaurant from Uruguay :D that was good..

May 27

Time really does pass way too quickly. In two weeks Ill have about 17 months on the mission (TRUNKY!!!)
So, this week has been interesting! The President has been visiting us a lot lately... Ill explain
Thursday we had a really cool Noche de Hogar (familiy home evening) with the Para family. It was FANTASTIC! To our suprise, they INVITED SOMEONE!!! WAHOOO! Claudia se llama (or if your my comp, se shama haha). It was really good, we taught lesson 3 with only 1 piece of paper (Ill have to show you sometime how it works, its really cool). She was really interesting, were going to contact her house soon to get more lessons in
Friday we taught Liliana again. Unfortunately, shes getting to the point where her knowledge with the Testigos and our doctrine are getting so intertwined that we cant really teach her without getting into an argument proving whos right or not. So, a different approach. Now were trying to show how the Book of Mormon and the Bible support each other mutually. Hopefully that turns out better than just doing straight doctrine and not getting anywhere.
Saturday we finally got a hold of Jose Cisterna! We had a really good lesson with him, and he offered me to look at his computer grin emoticon Experience coming soon
Sunday we taught David a thought found in Helamen 15:7-8, about becoming a better disiple of Christ. That was fun. And then at the previous mentioned service, I about killed myself haha. We plugged the computer in and then there was a massive bang sound. I opened the poor thing up and found out that a capacitor inside of the PSU had exploded. Yeah, they might need to replace it now...
Monday we were at the dentist... The dentist couldnt do it today so we went Monday to get my comps root cannal done. We spent about the entire day there. We had another lesson with David and set up a goal to read 10 chapters in the Book of Mormon every week so he can understand it better.
Tuesday we did a lot of walking... And walking... There wasnt really a lot of people on the street to talk to because it was cold and we had already contacted all of the houses in the sector. Yeah, that was a really boring day.
Today TEMPLE!!! Oh... It was really good... Lot of good feelings, lots of answers.
Well, love you guys! Cya next week!
Elder Faber

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