Friday, October 24, 2014

The Week of Pleasant Surprises

So this week was interesting to say the least. I can definately tell my Spanish is getting a lot better, but I still lack a TON. However I learned how to say sniper the other day, that was pretty cool (francotirador)
 Miguel and Jorge with Joshua
Thursday not much happened, did Divs with Elder Saldivia and we taught a couple of lessons to Margarita, and she got to know the members a little bit better in the ward, shes having some problems right now because recently she had been diagnosed with Uterine Cancer. Not fatal (as far as we know) but it is still bugging her a bit.
Friday, I did divs again (due to some complications in our schedule, I got to go on divs with Saldivia 3 times this week) and we taught some really good lessons. People for some reason, instead of asking to teach, if you just start teaching at the door they get super interested and ask if we can come back. So we taught this fun old lady named Gloria Gomez, and she invited us back next week. We talked about the Plan of Salvation and she mentioned that her son is a member. So well have to talk to him too when we get the chance. (However I know he has got this sick looking Yamaha in front of his house)
Saturday and Sunday we had a TON of meetings... This week was stake conference and we needed to be there for EVERY session. They had some interesting talks, but we could not find anyone on Saturday to teach. Things got better on Sunday because we ran into Margas, a man that DueƱas and Miller had reactivated and got him to commit to come to church. And also, a member family invited us over for ice cream! That was delicious...
Monday was weird to say the least. We went to the new area that just opened up and went to find some new investigators. We get to an apartment and the first door we knock on a little kid comes out and says "Come in! Come in!". We thought, ok! And walked in because we had thought we found some members that just moved in and liked the missionaries.
We were dead wrong. We walk into the house and the kids mom gave us a look like we were seriously not supposed to be there. Trying not to yell, she asked us who we were, what we are doing, and stuff like that. We had no idea what to do, so we answered all of her questions and then we began to start teaching the Restoration, mainly because my brain had stopped working in fear so I just did what any other missionary under pressure would do. Just teach. She really opened up after that and invited us to come back! She told us before we left that her son has a tendency to let random strangers in the house because that is what he thinks is the nice thing to do.
Tuesday... Wow, I finally got into Leo's house... He is a FANTASTIC MAN! He was loaded with a ton of questions, he knows why we are there, just a perfect investigator. We could teach the entire first lesson by answering the questions he asks us. "do you guys have the authority to baptise?" "so are you telling me that if I find out that the book of Mormon is true, then Joseph Smith was a true prophet?" just a really, really smart man. He took Bible classes with the Evangelico church and didn't like it, because he found some verses that contradict the Church's doctrine and the teachers couldn't answer it for him. So far he likes all of the answers we have given him. We then challenged him to read Nephi, to start from the beginning. "You know what you two, this is what I'm going to do. I'm going to read all I can about this Nephi fellow, and then I'm going to read all 4 of his books before your next visit." We explained that the last two were different nephis, but he didn't care. he still told us that he will read 1, 2, 3, and 4th nephi before we get back next Monday.
Today, well, we've been exploring the mall, that's all. Ive been loosing so much weight in this sector I had to buy another pair of pants that fit because the other pair that I bought 3 months ago was slipping as I was walking. Ill keep them just in case if I start gaining again...
Anyways, love you all! Until next week!
Elder Faber

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